Introducing(Unofficial) github-profile



Recently I have been busy developing and improving the github-profile project. why? Because I want to simplify the information page of my blog, otherwise I will change some information here and there, it will inevitably forget some places. And just happened to find the mdo/github-buttons open source project, relying on the idea of ​​the github-buttons project, slowly pondering the github-profile project.

So now, I want to share it with everyone and get feedback from everyone.


Display your GitHub account profile with the official GitHub page style.

how to use

Just add an iframe and some URL parameters. Is not it easily? More importantly, it’s hosted on GitHub Pages, which means you don’t need to host your own code. Just add it and you’re ready to use. Of course, it can also selectively hide or show specific items, and it can automatically adjust the height.

The profile above is live example of shown Bio, Location, Blog address, Email and auto-adjust height. Other than this, you can choose to shown your company(organizations) too.

Get it on GitHub

You can find the source code on GitHub. Feel free to download, fork or watch from there. If you have any feedback or want to contribute to the project, you can open an issue or submit a pull request, we welcome you at any time!

Project website: http(s)://